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About project

According to the World Health Organization there are around 50 million people suffering from dementia and nearly 10 million new cases each year. This results in the growing need for information about the syndrome, its treatment and care. The Infinite Mind is an educational project aimed at increasing awareness about dementia, empowering and encouraging those living with it and their families. Katya Deluisa (the founder) and her team offer innovative information and programs which generate a new understanding of the workings of the brain and human consciousness and how both are affected by dementia.

The goal of the project was to create a platform(space) where people suffering dementia or those taking care of them can find up-to-date information about the syndron, learn more about the treatment and therapy and find help within the community of people that face dementia and work with it. We also needed to include the option to donate for those willing to help in developing The Infinite Mind.

"Potick has been something I don’t believe we could do our project without. They are easy to work with and very responsive to our needs."

Katya DeLuisa, founder of The Infinite Mind - Dementia Project

What we did

  • 1 Responsive web development
  • 2 PayPal integration
  • 3 Automated translation
  • 4 Analytics and optimization
  • 5 Consistent technical support
  • 6 Digital branding

Major Insights

Make your website easy to use and the texts easy to read on all devices

More and more Internet users prefer using their phones to surf the web. The Infinite Mind website visitors are not the exception. Our analytics shows that currently nearly 60% of people use mobile devices to read our website. In order to make the user experience more pleasant and encourage visitors to come back we developed attractive responsive design.

Let your clients find what they need

With more and more information being added to the website the need for an intuitive navigation and precize categorization became clear. When people come to our website they are more often interested in some particular topic. Whether it be senior care or spirituality of dementia or art therapy users want to find information quickly and easily. That is why we developed a list of categories for each resource type. No matter whether the user is looking for relevant blogs, wants to watch a video or read an article from the external source he can easily navigate throughout the website. We also added the search option in case the user doesn’t know where to start.

Use well-known interfaces and services

A good fundraising strategy should definitely include simplifying donation making. If the process is complicated with millions of fields, unknown websites asking for bank account info — the user is very likely to quit. No one would risk having his money stolen as well as most users don’t like filling out endless forms. Our goal was to find the solution that would keep our donors safe and make the process more simple. PayPal turned out to be the best option. We integrated a special PayPal button that takes users to the well-known PayPal interface and does not require any unusual info. Those willing to donate can also use their PayPal account.



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