Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Digital marketing is constantly changing. The past year was weird, which in turn meant that the Internet would change and develop in a very different direction in 2021. Let’s take a look at the most common trends that can already be seen.

Social Media Shopping

In recent years social media has become huge. The first and most obvious thing that social media offers to its users is communication. Millions of people have renewed their connections with old friends and loved ones through platforms like Facebook. However it turned out that easy messaging is not all. People realized that they can also find study and find things within social networks. Regardless of whether it was an educational blog, or a post with a couple of interesting facts, social media made it possible to learn more about the world and people around us.

In 2021, the situation is expected to change significantly. Social media is now moving a lot towards markets and shops. In-app purchases are incredibly easy to make now, and social media platforms are trying to make it even easier. Find something on social media and then buy it. Essentially, social media is rapidly evolving into a marketplace offering more convenient shopping experience. This will become even more evident by the end of 2021.


This year consumers will expect their suppliers to know better who they are and what they want. The amount of available data about the customer is incredible and growing, so buyers will more often expect suggestions on what to buy next and why. Online retailers will need to leverage their data to provide shoppers with offers that match (just like Amazon does).

Seasonal offers are expected, but online social media retailers will need to think outside the box and truly ‘know’ the customer — their likes and dislikes, their age and social status. If retailers on social media do not present themselves as true “shopping buddies,” they will be affected.

Live Streaming

Live streaming was clearly popular anyway, but the worldwide quarantine situation has led to a noticeable increase in this particular format. Influential people use live streaming to strengthen the connection between them and their audience. Marketers will do the same in 2021.

It’s also important to remember that live streaming content can help build trust between the influencer and his audience. Any brand looking to partner with influencers in 2021 might want to think about it.

Trust in User Generated Content

User generated content is also expected to become important in the coming months. This also applies to trust. The unfortunate aftermath of the pandemic is that many people find their finances tightened. In 2021 shoppers are looking for personalized product recommendations so they can be sure that the outcome will be positive.

It is very important. Therefore, brands should encourage more customer engagement and encourage more testimonials, reviews, and simple ratings.

Voice search and voice store

People are increasingly using voice search (and store) now. Again, the pandemic will play a role in this. With people stranded at home, what was once perhaps a novelty can now be a lifeline.

This means that brands will need to step up their game and make their products searchable by voice, or at least compatible with the way people use voice search.

But that’s not the only big change.

Visual search is now becoming a reality. Google Lens leads the way. To understand this, keep in mind that a Google Lens user can search whatever they see. And when they visit websites on the platform, if they don’t get a unique and engaging visual experience, they will likely pass you by.

Creative solutions

Nowadays it is very important to differ from others, and it is necessary to create a unique design that users will remember. Your website design should distinguish you from those around you, and convey to your customers the necessary information and benefits so that they purchase your product.