Hooga Homes

and Gardens

About project

Hooga Homes and Gardens is a furniture and home decor store offering high quality, handcrafted and/or imported items. It is a non-profit business established to generate income to the Alama Foundation, which is dedicated to positive aging and healthy living for older adults and elders.  All profit from Hooga Homes and Gardens supports programs like The Infinite Mind — Dementia Project, and Local MP3s in Home Care Project. Along with the opportunity to find unique items that give Hooga clients’ homes that one-of-a-kind flare, Hooga Homes and Gardens gives senior citizens crucial mental and physical attention they need to survive and cherish seniority.

The goal of creating a website was to reach out to the broader audience all over the country rather than be limited to the physical store. The major requirements included creation of pleasant customer experience throughout the purchasing process, minimalistic design and simple user interface.

“They have been very precise and concise. They make sure that all the technical requirements and other things we have are perfect. Above all, they have always delivered ahead of the deadline.”

Rebekah DeMartino, Marketing Manager at Hooga Homes and Gardens

What we did

  • 1 Prototyping
  • 2 Responsive design
  • 3 E-commerce development
  • 4 Payment system integration
  • 5 Authorization with Facebook and Google functionality
  • 6 Content creation guidelines
  • 7 Content Management System
  • 8 Consistent technical support
  • 9 Analytics and optimization

Major Insights

Creating positive shopping experience

We strive to make our clients’ shopping experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible, encourage them to return and increase sales as a result. That is why we made the sign up process very simple and provided an option to login with Facebook or Google.

Such notion of simplification can be found on other pages too. For example, the user can save his preferred mailing address and payment method so that the purchase can be made in two clicks. The one only adds the item to the cart, selects desired shipping and payment options and that is it. No need to enter address or card number all over again. The quicker the order can be made, the more purchases there will be.

We could not go without Wishlist either. With such a great variety of products offered users will definitely want to save some items for later purchases.

Putting the right accents

Hooga Homes and Gardens offers a wide range of items with creative unique designs. This led us to the conclusion that we needed to come up with a minimalistic website design in order to draw more attention to items themselves rather than to the website. We also added Featured categories section in order to suggest the most popular ones or the ones that the store owner would like to sell faster.

Let the clients find the best match

The more items are added to the website the harder it is to find what you are looking for. Keeping this in mind we created an extended list of filters that would allow users find items that would meet their requirements in the best possible way. When the client can find the perfect match he is more likely to return again.

Client feedback