About project

Cash for Casa is a direct purchasing agency. They buy houses in their current condition without any fixing required with no extra fees or commissions according to the client’s schedule. They take care of the entire process and offer fair market value for the property that has to be sold for any reason.

As a rule people use such services when they have serious issues with their bank and thus feel very vulnerable. In such a situation it is important to express a deep understanding of the matter and ensure good company reputation.

In order to achieve those goals we designed a highly informative website that would answer all questions the client might have and provide necessary proofs of company reliability.

"What I like about Potick is that they are on top of it.They always have everything scheduled in advance."

Alexander Champagne, founder of Cash for Casa

What we did

  • 1 Responsive design
  • 2 Web development
  • 3 Analytics and optimization
  • 4 Consistent technical support
  • 5 Digital branding

Major Insights

Address the problem

Admitting a problem is the first step in fixing it. We help our website users understand more about the situation they are currently in. That is why we included articles on the most popular problems and their possible solutions. Now when the client understands the threat and knows the options he is ready to discuss the ways to solve it. There is when Cash for Casa comes in hand.

Let your business have a face

People don’t like talking about money and debts. The situation gets worse when they have to tell complete strangers about their financial problems. So we decided to bring in some more person-to-person communication. The client sees Alexander’s photo here and there on the website. Alexander is the one on the video explaining the process. Even when the client leaves us a message or gives us a call Alexander is the one who answers it. People start trusting him because he knows what he is talking about, he is the one who has been there for all this time. As a result they trust Cash for Casa.

Answer questions

There is always a whole lot of questions when it comes to selling the house. What should we do? Do we need to clean up first? Are there any commissions? Who will buy it? Cash for Casa provides its clients with the answers right away. This in turn increases client loyalty and the probability of recommendation.

Client feedback