About project

In 10 years, 1 in 5 US citizens will need additional senior care of some kind. Our nation needs more focus and attention on aging adult care than ever before in our history. It’s critical to ensure purposeful and fulfilling lifestyles and resources for our seniors now, for our loved ones, and for ourselves.

Alama Foundation is a nonprofit organization that sees a nation equipped to care for its growing senior population. We see our aging adults engaged symbiotically within their communities. Within 5 years, Alama aims to establish programs and resources that provide for aging adults online, in the community, and in home care. Within 10 years, we aim to expand programs and resources to certified institutes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Such goals would be impossible to achieve in the XXI century if not for an attractive and informative website. To start with we came up with a one-page website addressing the mission of the organization and linking its current projects and programs. However it’s not the end and we plan on expanding the website with more information and resources in the nearest future.

"They have an excellent attitude about getting the work done as professionally as possible."

— Aly Cook, CEO at Alama Foundation

What we did

  • 1 Responsive design
  • 2 PayPal integration
  • 3 Consistent technical support
  • 4 Analytics and optimization

Major Insights

Make design represent your company

Alama’s high mission touched us deeply. In order to emphasize its importance we designed the website highly representative of the problems that Alama addresses. We showed how valuable it is to help senior citizens in their daily life by adding small human figures performing various actions. The users can find people walking seniors across the road, nursing or caring about them at home, fundraising, helping out with boxes etc. All of those address Alama’s mission in this or that way and thus draws attention to important issues that Alama is trying to solve.

Keep in touch

It is important to keep your clients up to date with what is going on in your business. It is twice more important if your company is a non-profit. You constantly need to engage in donors and volunteers retention, report on the results and expenditures, let people know that their money was directed to a good cause. One of the ways of doing it is to invite people to join your mailing list. That was what we did for Alama Foundation. Now people can easily subscribe to Alama’s news and be aware of what is going on, what needs there are and what activities are planned in the nearest future.

Link your projects

The best way to show your results is to provide proofs. Alama Foundation works on several projects and each of them has a separate website or social media page. Those specialized pages contain much more info on the project goals and activities. That is why we decide to include links directly to them with just a brief description rather than come up with sections dedicated to each project. This way users will be able to dive into the project’s life more deeply and find up-to-date opportunities.

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